A film by Elegance Bratton.
Certificate 15. 
UK release date 8th Oct 2021

Radically empathetic chronicle of queer Black youth.” The Guardian

Pier Kids chronicles the lives of Casper, Desean, and Krystal, three homeless queer black youth, as they navigate the challenges of the streets, welfare, and their biological families in search of stable housing.

The documentary sheds light on an underground community of Pier Kids, drawing inspiration from Marlon Riggs's 'Black is Black Ain’t’,  the Maysles Brothers' 'Gray Gardens,' and Khalik Allah's 'Field Niggas.'

As a verité film, it defies traditional storytelling norms, serving as an act of resistance.

Emphasising the value of public space for brown and black queer bodies to express their true selves, the film deliberately captures most scenes outdoors, viewing the presence of these bodies in this space as both natural and essential.

Directed by the truth of the coming-of-age experience outside, Pier Kids encapsulates the essence of resilience and self-realisation.


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